Insulation, Mold & Moisture Control

Whether new construction or retrofit, commercial or residential, fiberglass batting, spray foam

or blown-in cellulose Insulation InstallationMold Prevention and/or Moisture Control,

Vance Insulation Inc. offers services and products to help your next project move forward. 

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Quality of installation is a crucial element in effectiveness of insulation, whatever the insulation

product and whatever the circumstance. Our technicians have years of experience in a variety of

insulation types, a depth of expertise in how insulation works, and a commitment to quality

installation during every project.

We work with homeowners during energy retrofits, weatherization projects involving attics, ceilings, walls and crawlspaces.

We offer a variety of products.  So, whether your priorities are environmental impact, energy performance, lower utility bills or maximum comfort, we're happy to work with YOU as our client, to determine the most effective products and processes for project and budget.

​​Whatever your needs, we offer insulation services and products to fit your project.

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Basic Vapor Barrier & Insulation

  • Attic, Ceiling, Wall, Floor
  • Air Sealing
  • ​Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Mold is the result of lingering excess moisture in enclosed areas. It can happen in crawlspaces, attics ceilings and walls for multiple reasons.  While we also address moisture control remedies, we have a quality reputation in our Service Area of effective cause identification, removal of infested materials, cleaning, drying and treating of infected areas (wash & spray to remove, encapsulation and sealing (paint) to kill resident mold and resist re-infestation/new growth.  When recommended or required, we work with many local contractors when partial or complete removal/replacement of mold-damaged structural materials are necessary to correct severe mold occurrences. Our fungicide cleaning products  disinfect, sanitize & de-odorize porous & no-porous materials. Our fungicide antimicrobial coating/paint is designed to kill residual mold & mildew remaining after the cleaning process and treatment; but is a separate service for more than minimal occurrences.

Spraying Closed Cell Foam (CCF) in an open wall

Years of Experience 

Stair Zipper Foil Attic Stair Cap

  • New Construction Insulation
  • Retrofit​
  • Moisture Control and Dehumidifiers
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Attic Insulation

Just like wearing a hat is one of the most important things you can do to stay warm in the winter, attic insulation is one of the most important components of a comfortable, energy efficient home.  Hot air rises, so the majority of the heat loss in the typical home occurs through the attic. Our technicians are trained to seal all penetrations between the living space and the attic, to ensure that no air leaks out of the house, and to install a smooth, effective layer of insulation to minimize heat transfer through the building envelope.  Homeowners universally notice improvement in comfort and lower utility bills.

New Construction

Too many new homes are improperly insulated during construction, making later energy efficiency improvements difficult and expensive. As an established insulation contractor, we have experience to do the job right the first time, making clients happier, more comfortable, and lowering their utility bills for heating and cooling.  We typically work with fiberglass batt, spray-foam and blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation.  We will coordinate with you to determine the best course of action for maximizing comfort and minimizing utility bills in any particular building.  We are happy help you determine the best product and process for your specific project or building; residential or commercial.  

Air Sealing

Air sealing is one of the most cost effective energy efficiency improvements a building can undergo. Equally important, a lack of air sealing can greatly reduce the R-value effectiveness of any insulation that is installed. Every time we install insulation, we work to ensure that air leaks are sealed. This includes utility penetrations, cracks and gaps, seams between building materials and other leaks around windows and doors, recessed lighting and ceiling fans, and anywhere else that air may be able to leak through the a building's thermal envelope.  Using a combination of caulk, spray foam and weather stripping, we identify the most cost effective methods of improving your building's air barriers.

Conditioned Crawlspace

Our Services Include (Commercial or Residential):

Closed Crawlspace

Certified & Accredited
  • Closed Crawlspace
  • Conditioned Crawlspace
  • ​Crawlspace Drain Tile
Licensed, Bonded & Insured


Retrofitting an existing home or business with upgraded insulation is among the  most cost effective building improvements one can make. Whether your building has existing insulation or not, all too often existing insulation has either settled over time, was improperly installed to begin with, or has settled, deteriorated or is simply insufficient in terms of R-value for maximum thermal resistance and energy performance.  We offer a number of insulation retrofit service solutions; including: attic, ceiling, wall, floor and/or crawlspace insulation and basement enclosures (including air sealing, basic insulation with vapor barrier, closed  or conditioned crawlspaces and basements).


Traditional Crawlspace: Traditional vented crawlspaces are often damp, moldy and inhabited. They allow air through many unintentional leaks in the floors, partitions, wiring, plumbing, and ducts. To ensure durability, air quality and save energy, a crawlspace must be kept dry.  The best way to do this is to create a conditioned environment that controls temperature and humidity by being sealed; free of moist/humid air and pests. 

Ground Cover:  Crawlspaces should have continuous sealed vapor resistant ground cover materials such as taped polyethylene with control joints sealed. If crawlspace ground level is below ground level of the surrounding yard grade, it should have perimeter drainage.

Insulation: Crawlspaces should be insulated on the perimeters; not between floor joists. Perimeter insulation provides warmer and drier crawlspaces than insulation between the crawlspace and interior.  Insulation should be moisture resistant to prevent interior air from contacting cold basement surfaces, creating condensation; such as concrete/block structural elements and rim joist framing. Structural element below grade walls are cold (concrete in direct contact with the ground). Below grade rim joists are cold both winter & summer.

Crawlspace Basic Protection
- Tear Out & Haul Away
​    deteriorated ground cover and/or insulation
- Install 6, 10 or 12 MIL Poly Vapor Barrier
- Install R-19 Insulation in Floor Joists

Closed Crawlspace
- Seal foundation vents
- Polyseal ground barrier to foundation;
    10‑20 mil poly floor taped at seams & caulked to walls & pillar footings
- Install R-19 Batt in floor joists
- Install Dehumidifier to control air moisture and temperature
- For more info see Advanced Energy reference for
Closed Crawlspaces

Conditioned Crawlspace

- Move insulation protection from floor to foam foundation wall, polyseal floor,
    install HVAC inducer for crawlspace heating/cooling.  (See Building Science Corporation
    article “Info-512: Crawlspace Insulation” or Aer Industries definitions).

- Conditioned crawlspaces should not be vented; should have floors joists uninsulated,
​     sealed ground vapor barrier, walls insulated and air sealed, and conditioned air from HVAC or
     a dehumidifier.  To remove incidental sources of moisture, it is important to have some air
     circulate from the living space; thus it is a “conditioned crawlspace”.  For more info, see the Advance Energy  website.

                                                                        Foam Insulation: The best insulation is foam-based and allows foundation walls to dry inwards. Foam
                                                                        insulation should be vapor semi-permeable or vapor-permeable. The greater the permeance the greater
                                                                        the inward drying and the lower risk of excessive moisture accumulation.We also offer closed-cell
                                                                        Spray Foamproducts and blown-in cellulose and fiberglass insulation products. 

                                                                        Upgrading your home's insulation will make your

                                                                        home more comfortable, less drafty, and more

                                                                        energy efficient -- winter and summer. It can also

                                                                        save you money every month on utility bills
                                                                        (whether on heating bills during the winter or

                                                                        electricity bills from air conditioning in the summer). 

Moisture Control

Air Sealing joints and Poly Seal of crawlspace are Moisture Control prevention.  Unfortunately, many learn they have a moisture control problem after the moisture has already created or is starting to create issues; excessive or unexplained humidity/dampness, musty odor, mildew and/or mold.  After the source of the unwanted moisture is identified, it is normal to need one or more Sump Pumps to remove standing water.  Air Dryers are used for short term use to dry rooms, crawlspaces and/or attics; as required.  Long-term dampness that may be irreconcilable can sometimes be resolved with the use of a Dehumidifier.  We offer all of these services. Sump Pumps and Dehumidifiers may be used during the course of your specific project or purchased. Our Dehumidifiers for purchase also come with a 5-year Warranty and optional annual maintenance Service Agreement.  See Advanced Energy linkon Southeast crawlspaces.